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bl manga reccing & sharing

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This is a community for sharing BL (boys love) manga scanlations, from single chapters/volumes to multiple ones. Any form of BL/yaoi is acceptable, with the only condition being that it's recommended for some reason that you provide. All members are strongly encouraged to post.

This community is friends only. Join here.

Posting Guidelines:

1] Manga can be uploaded onto personal servers or onto third party upload sites like MediaFire, Sendspace, MegaUpload, etc. It is recommended that you include http://anonym.to/? directly before the link in order to extend the life of downloads. Do not direct-link to any files unless they are on your own personal server.
2] Warnings must be clearly marked as either explicit or nonexplicit. Additional warnings concerning anything that goes beyond the average BL (i.e. shota, BDSM, bestiality, incest, non-con, etc.) must also be given.
3] State whether the manga is complete or incomplete. Include the name of the scanlation group. When possible, also include whether the title has been licensed and scanlations have stopped accordingly or whether more is available through linked raws or scanlation groups.
4] Please include the Title/Artist in the subject heading of your post for archival purposes.
5] Use the following format when posting:

Fandom: (if applicable)
Reason for recommendation:

Note: It is encouraged that you provide a sample page, either linked to or posted behind cut-tags. Reasons for recommendation can be as brief or involved or subjective as you like. Just give some indication why this particular work appealed to you just that slightest bit more.

Reminder: Leave all .zip files intact! This means all recs/re-uploads shared within the community must contain any and all graphical inserts, credits pages, and notes that the scanslation group included when they originally made the release available.


Do not share others' links outside this community. If anyone is reported to have done so, that person will be immediately banned. Off-topic posts, meaning any post that is not a recommendation, are not allowed. If there's something you wish to bring up re: community, respond to any of either moderators' posts. If you wish to request a certain manga, comment in, and only in, the aforementioned request post. If you break any rules, you will be given a warning. If you do so a second time, you will be banned. There is, of course, some flexibility with the posting format, since you might not know all the factors that it includes.
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